My second grade teacher was Ms. Carpter. I always thought I was desent to get the weird name teachers. But that another story on with this one. Our teacher had a board with pocket on it and in the pocket was 3 different color cards. Red, Yellow and Green. Green was good, Yellow was warning and Red was bad. Your pocket had your name on it. you start with a green card every day if you were bad your card could change. At the end of the day what ever color is in the pocket you color the circle on your caterpillar that color. At the end of the week on Friday was play day if you got all green then you can play any game but depending on the color will limit you play if you were bad at all that week. One week for the first time ever I got an all green caterpillar so I  ask my teacher if I could see the principal. The reason is before I had always see that person when I was bad. So she ask the princable and he said yes so I took some crayons and coloring book and went to the principal office. I thought is was great and remember it even today.