Mr. Triangle: Well, hello! Does Heaven know they lost an Angel?
Ms. Circle: Does that line work on any shape?
Mr. Triangle: Yes Square like it.
Ms. Circle: Ms. Square is as empty as a Box when it comes to brains.
Mr. Triangle: Well that true. She is defenly not much for converstations.
Ms. Circle: Do you want to see if any other line will work for you?
Mr. Triangle:  I think that my first line work just fine since you are talking to me.
Ms. Circle: Oh Man! Your right. I sure hope I am not turning into a block like square.
Mr. Triangle: From what I can see that not happening. You look as round and beautiful as I have ever seen.
Ms. Circle: Well aren't you sweet.
Mr. Triangle:Now we can get to busness. Would you like to come to my house? Or we can go to yours?
Slap! Bang!
Mr. Triangle:Ow! you broke one of my angle. Bitch!