This year I was staying at my grandmother's house. I woke up in the middle of the night to hear creaking downstairs. I look outside but I see nothing but the street light. I decided to go down stairs I creep quietly so not to wake my Gram. I got down the steps and saw a shadow at the front window. I went to it and looked there was my Gram rocking in her chair. There was a guy next to her. They were talking. "I think it time that I stop coming to see you like this." "No ! I want to see you I would miss you too much." said my Gram. "This is not good for ether of us." said the man. I try to get closer to the window and in up hiting it. "What that?" ask Gram. "Your granddaughter is at the window. Come out here young lady." So I went to the front door and there is the shadow was the man and my Gram was standing up. "Sweetheart what are you doing up?" ask my gram. I said, "I heard a noise and came down to investigation. " " Well I  should introdouce to you Mick. This is my youngest granddaughter Betty." "You two known each other long?" "Yes." "Your the midnight visitor I heard about from during my evedroping." "Yes, I didn't know any one knew of me but your grandmother. " He sounded worried. "Oh I was aunt Bella and no one belive her because she has lied so much." Well I am off the bed and leave you to your talk." I left .