The Midnight Visitor

March 6, 2014
This year I was staying at my grandmother's house. I woke up in the middle of the night to hear creaking downstairs. I look outside but I see nothing but the street light. I decided to go down stairs I creep quietly so not to wake my Gram. I got down the steps and saw a shadow at the front window. I went to it and looked there was my Gram rocking in her chair. There was a guy next to her. They were talking. "I think it time that I stop coming to see you like this." "No ! I want to see you I would miss you too much." said my Gram. "This is not good for ether of us." said the man. I try to get closer to the window and in up hiting it. "What that?" ask Gram. "Your granddaughter is at the window. Come out here young lady." So I went to the front door and there is the shadow was the man and my Gram was standing up. "Sweetheart what are you doing up?" ask my gram. I said, "I heard a noise and came down to investigation. " " Well I  should introdouce to you Mick. This is my youngest granddaughter Betty." "You two known each other long?" "Yes." "Your the midnight visitor I heard about from during my evedroping." "Yes, I didn't know any one knew of me but your grandmother. " He sounded worried. "Oh I was aunt Bella and no one belive her because she has lied so much." Well I am off the bed and leave you to your talk." I left .

Oh how the years past

February 26, 2014
Well I have not been here for a while. Some things that has change. I no longer live with ether of my parents. Thank God! I have a place of my own. I am working on being positive about everything. But work has not changed. Except how I get there now days. Which is walk or ride the bus. Well bye
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February 21, 2012
Well Saturday at my house is I get up and get ready for work. I eat something for breakfast. Then I get dress and go to the car. I drive to work I am usually early so I read for a half hour then go to work.  I then check out people all day and get two break of 15 min each which I read during and one hour for lunch which I also read during. Then I go home eat dinner and go to bed to get ready to do it all over again the next day.

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What the f@#$k?!!

August 3, 2011

I woke up at 6:40am to loud banging and rolling and scraping sounds. I though my neighbor down stairs was moving a very big piece of funiture. After a while I though maybe some one was having sex in a very loud maner. Then I remeber my landlord said he was going to have some roofing and house construction done. I went to my window and yep that what it was. then I went back to snoozing even though it was load. Still love my place but may change my mind.

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Second grade memory

July 19, 2011
My second grade teacher was Ms. Carpter. I always thought I was desent to get the weird name teachers. But that another story on with this one. Our teacher had a board with pocket on it and in the pocket was 3 different color cards. Red, Yellow and Green. Green was good, Yellow was warning and Red was bad. Your pocket had your name on it. you start with a green card every day if you were bad your card could change. At the end of the day what ever color is in the pocket you color the circle on...
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what is my favorite weather?

January 26, 2010

thunderstorms because it so beautiful.

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Quote from Ben Sweetland

January 5, 2010
"Success is a journey, not a destination." Ben Sweetland
I believe part of the fun is in the journey. Most people and I have been guilty of it to believe that success was the destination. But by then you have reach the goal it no longer needed to continue. The fun has ended and to start another journey and begin the journey again.
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My dream house

January 4, 2010
Well first off my dream hous is in Hawaii. I would build a big mansion near the ocean. I would have two floors with a South, North, West and East Wing. So down stairs the South East wing would have my kitchen and dinner room. North west wing would have my Living room and Office. The South west wing would have the inside-outside pool with a bathroom and door leading out to the ocean.   North east wing would have my hallway and front door. Up stairs all the wings except the east would be bed ro...
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Where would I go in a time machine?

January 3, 2010
Well that is a hard one. But I do know one direction I would not go and that the future because I believe that it does not exsite anywhere but in the human mind. So where in the past would I go? Hmm. To when Cleopatra had just became queen. I would love to see what she looked like. I would also like to see the end of her life. Because there are so many questions of reather she really killed herself or if the Caeser of the time had her kill and then print proagant that she killed herself.
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what happens when the fly meet the butter

January 2, 2010

Fly: HMM! This looks good (plop)

Butter: Hey! Get off me you fly

Fly: no thanks. I am fine here. You sure are good in my mouth.

Butter: Hey get out of me. Now are you will be sorry!

Fly:  No! I like it here is soft and tasty.  I think I can live here. Hey!

Butter: I try to tell you to leave but did you listen. Nooooo.

Fly: let me go! What is happening here? HMMNanamm!

Butter: Oh boy here it goes!

Oh my just look at what I have turn into. A stinking, fluffy, Girly, Butterf...

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